Community Garden and outreach:

In addition to offering 25 individual plots to community members we offer several volunteer events and field trips. Groups learn small gardening practices, team building and community building activities.

Growing Food for those in need:

Every year we grow thousands of pounds of produce including fruit from our Food Forest and seasonal vegetables from the communal growing grounds. We make regular donations to organizations including the Organic Soup Kitchen, Santa Barbara City Collage Food Pantry, Santa Barbara Food Bank and Sarah House.

Garden Education:

Throughout the year we offer seasonal cooking classes that teach basic to advanced cooking skills to all ages as well as making use of seasonal fruits and vegetables to make a delicious meal. 

Field trips are held all year offering lessons in Rainbow food, growing and harvesting crops, chicken care and "Little Red Hen" Wheat growing and processing inspired lessons, just to name a few.

We provide lectures ranging from composting to hugelkultur beds and invite others to host at the garden as well.